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Processing Your Temporary Exports (Imports to a Foreign Country) on a Carnet

DHL Express USA has a comprehensive Export Compliance program; which includes the processing of temporary export shipments on what is called a “Carnet”. (To be clear, these shipments are temporary exports from the US, and temporary imports to the foreign country(s).)

Once in possession of your shipment Carnet, your InXpress representative will provide you special sticker(s) for the carton(s) which identify the shipment as requiring special handling traveling on the Carnet. Your InXpress representative will also provide pre-alert communications to the DHL Express stations which will be handling the US export.

We recommend utilizing the service of the USCIB to register for and obtain your Carnet:

Below we have provided an overview of the purpose of a Carnet:

Carnets are international customs documents that simplify customs procedures for the temporary importation of various types of shipments. In the U.S., two types of Carnets are issued: ATA and TECRO / AIT Carnets.

ATA Carnets facilitate the temporary import to foreign countries of commercial samples, professional equipment (i.e., Tools-of-the trade), and goods for Exhibitions and Tradeshows. The Carnet allows the shipper to avoid payment of duties and VAT; and replaces the need to purchase a temporary import bond.

TECRO / AIT Carnets are used between the U.S. and Taiwan, and serve the same purpose as the ATA Carnet. TECRO / AIT Carnets cover only commercial samples, and professional equipment (i.e., Tools-of-the trade). Note that temporary import shipments entering other countries, in addition to Taiwan, should also be accompanied by an ATA Carnet.

For additional information regarding Carnets, please reference the USCIB information from the links provided above.

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