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International Express Shipping Via DHL Express
To / From Your Contract Manufacturer

Business to Business Logistics Services

We help make businesses more efficient in connecting with your overseas partners. Whether your logistics needs are to connect weekly for prototypes or pre-production, or the sporadic but urgent bulk shipments, we are able to deliver your products efficiently so business can continue to move forward without delays in R&D, prototyping, or service. Contact our customer service at 801-206-9735 to get immediate insight from our logistics team.

Common Types of International Express Shipping Related to Contract Manufacturing:

  • Prototypes
  • Samples
  • Molds
  • Small to large pre-production orders - no size restrictions
  • Time sensitive shipments
  • Outsourced supplies, products and goods

Common Industries InXpress Works With In Regard to Contract Manufacturing:

  • Computer
  • Energy
  • Medical device
  • Semi conductor H/W
  • Automotive
  • Food manufacturing
  • Lab instrumentation
  • Electronics
  • Specialty finishes/ coating
  • Musical instruments
  • Safety products
  • Consumer products

We offer the following types of Contract Manufacturer Shipping:

  • International Express via DHL Express
  • Air Freight via our freight forwarder partners
  • Ocean Freight via our freight forwarder partners

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