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What is InXpress' role?

Through the grouped purchasing power of our customers, InXpress has been able to negotiate deeply discounted rates which we can then pass along to our customers. Our global partnership with DHL allows us to provide our clients with their own DHL account number just like they would received if they contacted DHL direct, the difference is DHL applies our discount to their account. InXpress also provides dedicated customer support, and our shipping consultants seek to understand your business better so they can develop unique shipping solutions to save you time, money and hassle. Additionally, InXpress handles invoicing by collecting all of your bills from all the freight carriers you ship with and deliver you a single invoice.

Who picks up and handles my shipments?

Our freight carriers like DHL will be the ones picking up and handling your packages from door to door.

Why don't I just setup an account directly with the carriers?

You could, but because of our grouped purchasing power we are able to negotiate heavily discounted rates and pass on the savings to our customers. As a single shipper, it would be difficult for you to achieve these rates yourself. Take for example DELL and IBM who are shipping partners with DHL. They spend millions of dollars a year shipping packages and therefore get heavily discounted rates with DHL. Most businesses can not ship the volume that companies like DELL or IBM do, but by partnering with InXpress, you become part of our base that allows us to get those heavily discounted rates with the carriers that large companies like DELL and IBM do and we pass along the savings to you.

We have great rates with FedEx or UPS, can you beat them?

Yes. Because of our group purchasing power and partnership with DHL we are able to negotiate deeply discounted rates that almost all business can not achieve on their own. 99 out of 100 times we can save our customers 10% or more over their existing FedEx or UPS rates.

How quickly can I start shipping through InXpress?

You could start shipping through InXpress as soon as today.

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