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Alcoholic Beverage Exports

Discounted International Shipping for: Distilleries, Vineyards, Alcoholic Beverage Distributors & Alcoholic Beverage Producers


As DHL Expresses largest sales partner and 5th largest customer in the US, InXpress provides discounted international express shipping rates and best-in-class personalized service to our clients. You will be assigned a Certified International Specialist to assist you with your international shipping needs, and DHL will provide door-to-door service - picking up your packages, clearing them at destination, and delivering them. The DHL account belongs to your business; you achieve reduced international shipping rates by leveraging the total shipping volume of our total client base.


Benefits of Our Alcohol Export Services:

  • Receive an ADDITIONAL 25% off the cost of your first shipment when you open a new account and process your first shipment with DHL Express;
  • No pick-up fees for InXpress DHL Express customers (typically $9 / pick-up);
  • No weekly or monthly account maintenance fees for InXpress DHL Express customers, as other carriers often have;
  • Our customers switch to InXpress and DHL Express from FedEx, UPS and TNT for: a cloud-based user-friendly shipping portal interface, proactive monitoring of your shipments through to delivery, no calling into an 800 number for customer service, and easy to interpret invoicing.
  • Worldwide coverage to more than 220 countries and territories (where Alcohol imports are allowed)


Our Alcohol Export Program Helps Businesses Grow

In addition to the benefits listed above our program offers the capability to connect you with businesses in other states who are unable to offer alcohol shipping internationally. With your approval we will post your business information in our e-newsletters and on our website as an approved DHL Express Alcoholic Beverage Shipper. Businesses in other non-approved states are then able to contact you to process their international alcohol order and shipment. As one of our valued clients, this is a free service that we are pleased to offer you.


Our Alcoholic Beverage Imports / Exports Must Meet these Requirements:

  1. Alcoholic Beverage Approved States - the following US States are approved to ship and transport Alcoholic Beverages for both Import and Export:
  • Alabama* (AL)
  • Alaska*T (AL)
  • Arizona*T (AZ)
  • Arkansas* (AR)
  • California* (CA)
  • Colorado*T (CO)
  • ConnecticutT (CT)
  • Delaware*T (DE)
  • District of ColumbiaT (DC)
  • Florida*T (FL)
  • GeorgiaT (GA)
  • Hawaii*T (HI)
  • Idaho* (ID) (See Below)
  • Illinois*T (IL)
  • Indiana*T (IN)
  • Iowa*T (IA) (See Below)
  • Kansas*T (KS)
  • Kentucky*T (KY)
  • Louisiana*T (LA)
  • Maine*T (ME)
  • Maryland* (MD)
  • Massachusetts* (MA)
  • Michigan* (MI)
  • Minnesota* (MN)
  • Mississippi* (MS) (See Below)
  • Missouri*T (MO)
  • Montana* (MO) (See Below)
  • Nebraska*T (NE)
  • Nevada*T (NV)
  • New Hampshire*T (NH)
  • New Mexico* (NM)
  • New York*T (NY)
  • North Carolina*T (NC)
  • North Dakota*T (ND)
  • Ohio* (OH)
  • Oklahoma* (OK)
  • Oregon* (OR)
  • Pennsylvania*T (PA)
  • Rhode Island*T (RI)
  • South Carolina*T (SC)
  • South Dakota* (SD)
  • Tennessee*T (TN)
  • Texas* (TX)
  • Utah* (UT) (See Below)
  • Vermont* (VT) (See Below)
  • Washington (WA)
  • West Virginia* (WV)
  • Wisconsin* (WI)
  • Wyoming*T (WY) (See Below)
  • US Territory - Puerto Rico (PR)

Specific items needed to Import or Export into any approved US State:

  1. The consignee (for Import), the Shipper (for Export); must be a licensed, commercial alcoholic beverage Importer / Exporter and must hold the applicable state and federal alcoholic beverage permits and/or licenses.
  2. Importer's and/or Wholesaler's Basic Permit
  3. Those states with an * also require a State level alcohol permit
  4. Certificate of Label Approval
  5. Certificate of Age and/or Origin for items with Countries of Origin that require it
  6. Power of Attorney with DHL Express Customs Brokerage for Importers (we can assist with this)
  7. Shipping labels must state: "Contains Alcohol – Signature of a Person Age 21 or Older Required for Delivery."
  8. You must have a DHL Express account, if you do not already have one click here to download our Account Application form; or call 386.337.3047 to speak with our Customer Service Manager. Upon completion please scan and return the form to
  9. You must have completed DHL’s “Agreement to Transport of International Carriage of Alcoholic Beverages”, click here to download the form or call 386.337.3047 to speak with our Customer Service Manager.  Upon completion please scan and return the form to
  10. You must package and label the Alcoholic Beverage shipment in accordance with the directions outlined in the latest version of the DHL Express “Agreement to Transport of International Carriage of Alcoholic Beverages”. Click here for Alcoholic Beverage packaging instructions.


Please click here to see our  general guidelines  for foreign country-specific allowances and restrictions regarding alcoholic beverage imports.

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